Concept Explorer development roadmap

Version 1.4

Currently the following features are planned for the 1.4 release:

  • Implication and association rule navigator with support for rule selection and filtering
  • Background implication set specification and editing for context
  • Integrated java help

Next versions

The features are listed in a no particular order. The ordering of the features will be defined on the base of user requests and how fast the feature can be implemented. It can be that some features will be not implemented at all.

  • Internationalization
  • Integrated Help
  • Preferences dialogs
  • Attribute exploration with incomplete information
  • Visualization of part of rule sets with help of line diagrams
  • Nested line diagrams
  • Line diagram editor
  • Ability to select sublattices for the exploration
  • Birdview for line diagrams
  • Reordering of elements of contexts in order to cluster objects/attributes on base of similarity between them and to visually see the grouping of elements
  • The bipartite graph view for context(If there will be requests)
  • Ability to switch between context/lattice/implication set forms of representations (data can be specified in any initial form and then transformed into other forms)