Overview on ConExp

The theory behind

ConExp implements basic ideas needed for the study and research of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA).

Formal Concept Analysis provides the mathematical theory and belonging to algebra it is a branch of lattice theory. Starting point for this development were the early 1980-ies in Darmstadt by members of a group around Rudolf Wille.

ConExp can be used for analysing simple attribute-object-tables (called formal context in FCA), drawing the corresponding concept lattice and to explore different dependencies, that exists between attributes.

What does ConExp do?

ConExp provides the following tools:

  • context editing,
  • building concept lattices from a formal context,
  • finding a base for implications that are true in formal context,
  • finding a base of association rules that are true in formal context and
  • performing attribute exploration.

A short history

ConExp was first developed as a part of a master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tatyana Taran at the National Technical University of Ukraine ``KPI'' in 2000. During the following years, it has been extended several times and now it is an open source project on Sourceforge.